!SIMONSAID!: Shit I've lost my teddy bear - не только у нас но и у нас тоже.

Shit I've lost my teddy bear от самого !SIMONSAID!. i ve lost my teddy bear simonsaid текст песни. А ещё в комплекте Wyse Influence- Ellie Mae.

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Название песни: Shit I've lost my teddy bear

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А когда добавили?: 2014-11-14



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Когда - то давным-давно в космос пустили колесницу
С неба падал яркий свет и ложился на твои ресницы
Подними глаза, смотря на яркое пятно

И тёплый слой листвы согреет наши руки
Всё проходит, но мы не будем больше вспоминать
Больше вспоминать....

Ты будешь всё еще сидеть, стреляя в воздух с пистолета
В свои мечты как в красную мишень раз ничего здесь больше нет

И тёплый слой листвы согреет наши руки
Всё проходит, но мы не будем больше вспоминать

Настало время заглянуть себе в глаза
И увидеть что-то глубоко внутри себя
Открыть ту дверь, куда стекается судьба
Забыть и вспомнить раз и навсегда

И тёплый слой листвы согреет наши руки
Всё проходит, но мы не будем больше вспоминать

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Wyse Influence- Ellie Mae
I read an article a few months ago about a young couple with a tragic story. This is a fictional recount of that. The names have been changed and the monologue is entirely of my own. It bears no resemblance to the sentiments of the aforementioned couple, i.e. this isn't a historic substitute. Although the main thrust of the song is true- the two did die- the rest is a fantasy world I've invented-and mostly because it rhymed.

Let me start off by stating that I am by no means a professional; the microphone I used I bought at Wal-Mart for under ten dollars, it was recorded on GarageBand, a free Apple program, in a bathroom to cut out the echo/ reverb (although still evident on the track); the video was created using StupeFlix with videos I screenshot from Google Images. I do not intend to make money from this in anyway, nor am I releasing anything for sale. I rap for fun recreationally, never with friends, and never for people. I find it a therapeutic creative outlet when I have writer's block (rap never seems unaffected by that, in that it never feels like work and never feels strained). I just wanted to preface the video by stating a few obvious facts that many of you are sure to pick up through natural processes, I look forward to your incisive attempts to tell me, anyways. Be prepared, though; there is nothing negative you can say to me that I haven't already said to myself. Enjoy.

"Ellie Mae" is what it said on her license-
In the eleventh grade when she lost her life to drunk driving.
Remind me, God, of your enlightened plan
That sends a daughter on an errand for her mother? Then BAM... she's hit.

In a pickup sits a hick- numb, his cup spilled;
Hiccups dumbly, no idea he just killed
A girl of sixteen, with big dreams no longer possible-
Her last breath drawn before she got to the hospital.

The loss ensues, because her boyfriend is depressive
Who swears he can still keep her alive through text message;
Alone in his room with no hope of getting better,
At his desk he sits with a flask as he drafts his last letter;

He scribbled a poem about a proud, dying lover;
Who knows deep in his heart that he'll never find another;
Maybe one more hug would be enough to recover
Using drugs to hide from the truth, he's going under.

Disillusioned, utterly confused and on a bender,
He loses himself to his demons and his temper.
The voices in his head are screaming, shouting louder-
"She was the source of my power! And now, I'm just a coward."

"My last hour's here", he laments, nostalgic,
"It's better to end it now than to drown an alcoholic;
So let's break the cycle, cut the circle, and save the public
From the monster I'm about to become, so self-destructive."

"If who I love is up in Heaven, then why am I stuck in Hell?
Losing my composure- Why did I torture myself?
Looking for closure, HELP! - I need an answer;
'Cuz the blackness of my soul is spreading like cancer."

"The aftermath has proved too much for me to handle
Every memory we snapped, trapped in pictures on my mantle;
No Scripture could ever fix this, and neither could fixation;
No amount of drugs or money could ever replace her-"

"Can't erase her from my Spotless Mind, not this time;
Some memories I've repressed, but this, I just rewind-
Replay the parts when I was happy, back when I had her,
And now, I can't help thinking- I'll never hear her laughter."

"So I'm leaving, I can't keep up with the appearance
'Cuz everything around me is a reminder, I'm always near her.
Like I said, it's all here, and I'm sorry if this hurts you;
I just know one day I'll make the world worse;

"True, I've given up in a sense;
But none of this shit makes sense so why bother with suspense?
I was hers and she was mine, we were best friends,
And now this mess unwinds and we find we've met our End."

Her little sister really did miss her- wished it was different.
"Is she coming home, Daddy?" She asked with hopeful spirit;
"No honey, she isn't, but try to be happy, my dearest."
Tears fell on her teddy bear, "I love you, El"... But she wasn't there to hear it.

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