Rasta: Blast - не только у нас но и у нас тоже.

Blast от самого Rasta. скачать бесплатно mp3 rasta blast. А ещё в комплекте Rasta - Blast.

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Певец: Rasta

Название песни: Blast

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I saw them took my body, separate my soul and take apart it,
Analyze my train of thoughts compare it with the system of elementary.
They divide my flesh and gather back it and I do not know how they can make it.
The conclusion is investigated: Man is primitive so they can create it.

The conception of creating human. Cloned race of slaves. They need of few men
To possess some kinds of labor forces. Add more hands, make stronger than some horses.
Short intelligence, all human needs and adjust the system of minimal feed.
Simplify all homes to common cages. A female must birth a dozen babies.

Why must our names be erased?

Blast fill my eyes!
Sudden rage!
Silent skies!


Rasta - Blast
The video for Rasta, Belorussian metal band, was shot in Saint-Petersburg and the countryside in 2007.

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