2Pac: Black Cotton - не только у нас но и у нас тоже.

Black Cotton от самого 2Pac. текст песни black cotton. А ещё в комплекте [HQ] 2Pac - Black Cotton ft. Eminem [HQ].

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Певец: 2Pac

Название песни: Black Cotton

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А когда добавили?: 2014-09-27



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Steady stressin' Smith and Wessons count my blessin's
Class is in session the worst question is the first question
Why do we work like slaves sweatin' blades to an early grave
Never got paid but still we slave (Em and Andre)
Answer that then answer this too-
Loves gonna get ya you know it's true life's a bitch true
You best to backtrack and try to act black and live
Not to be phony and positive but why be negative?
What's the matter G? Black cat got your tongue
Fat track gotcha sprung now your hung (Do ya feel me?)
Dum dum diddy is it me?
Attempt to reach each and every brother on the streets
If not peace then at least let's get a piece
I'm tired of seeing bodies on the streets- deceased
Lookin' through my highschool yearbook
Reminiscin' of the tears as the years took
One homie, two homie, three homies - POOF
We used to have troops but now there's no more youth to shoot
God come save the misbegotten
Lost ghetto souls of Black Cotton (In God's eyes)

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[HQ] 2Pac - Black Cotton ft. Eminem [HQ]
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