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Певец: 12 Stones

Название песни: If I Could

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А когда добавили?: 2014-08-30



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You've gone too far
To fall apart
I know it's hard to see
Through today
You gave it all
He broke your heart
But i will still be here
And I promise you

If I could be everything to you
I will find a way
If I could proove
That you felt the same
I would be the one
If I could

I've held this in
For far too long
And now it's come to this
You never knew
You've held my heart inside your hands
I've never felt like this
And I promise you

Cause I would never do
The things he did to you
I would never let you go


12 Stones - If I Could (lyrics)
12 Stones - If I Could with lyrics

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