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Певец: RG &Soom T

Название песни: Dirty Money

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А когда добавили?: 2014-09-17



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Soom T - Dirty Money (by Sumati Bhardwaj)

Have you ever thought what have I done with my life?
What could I have done with my whole life?
Did I do the right thing working for the man?
Working for a life signed away by my own hand
Have you ever thought did I work for the dark side?
With my own mind giving away my time
One choice, one chance, one life
Did I work for the man and will I be alright?
I don’t need your dirty dirty
I don’t need your dirty money
I don’t need you dirty dirty
Do my own thing and I make my own way
I needed a job but I didn’t really want to work
In fast food, management or advertising,
Lying via media’s in work suit and shirt
Never really bothering or even trying
To realize or understand what I’m doing
Am I affecting anybody but my own?
What do I owe the world or will I end up owing
More due to the facts now known
About aspartame, poisoning all who take
Wittingly or unwittingly and when it breaks
Into the system to mess with your insides
Head space replication of your DNA
And it causes all your grief
Blindness, neurological disease
But they advertise to the kids as sweets
Diet Coke cost less than a bullet for me
And they heads of the companies they all lie
So they can guzzle all of that global pie
First they need to show that they don’t care who dies
Then they’re in cahoots with the devil in a silk tie
Telling them to make control for the people with a gun
Make it a top priority number one
They sit at the top and think they’re having fun
But where will be your destination when your time comes?
Yeah let the shadow let you run run run
Killing the people with no gun gun gun
Let me give it to you straight in a second
For their dirty money yeah - they burn


Soom T - Dirty Money
Soom T - Dirty Money
riddim by Jahtari

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