Rex Mundi Feat. Susana: Nothing At AllOriginal Mix - не только у нас но и у нас тоже.

Nothing At AllOriginal Mix от самого Rex Mundi Feat. Susana. rex mundi feat susana nothing at all mp3 скачать. А ещё в комплекте Rex Mundi feat. Susana - Nothing At All Original Mix [Music Video] [HD].

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Певец: Rex Mundi Feat. Susana

Название песни: Nothing At All(Original Mix)

Сколько слушать?: 08:12

А когда добавили?: 2014-08-30



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This morning comes a step too soon
A lonely gaze, and empty room
You’re a far cry
a distant memory

But something inside of me always knew this
I’d be standing here without you

As if nothing’s happened
As if nothing’s wrong
The world seems to move on, the world carries on

I’ll starve for your love, hungry I fall
As if nothing’s happened
Nothing at all

Nothing at all
Nothing at all


Rex Mundi feat. Susana - Nothing At All (Original Mix) [Music Video] [HD]
★★★[HD Extended Music Video]★★★
Edit of the 3min Official Music Video

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