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Певец: Paradise Lost

Название песни: Erased(Gothic Metal / Doom Metal)

Сколько слушать?: 03:29

А когда добавили?: 2014-09-17



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Текст песни целиком и бесплатно:

I don't owe anything
I don't owe anyone
shoot pride for all its worth
I don't belong

in a situation now
that I could not repair
I assert myself to sleep
show others that i've cared
how cold is this poor life
lay ashes at my grave

if it takes me away from you
a subtle gesture

I don't know anyone (cherish my religion)
I don't know anyone (faith is only fiction)
I don't know anyone (cherish my religion)
I don't know anyone (faith is only fiction)

this is erased I promise not a trace
this is erased I promise no delay not a trace


Paradise Lost - Erased (Stereo)
"Erased" (3:31)

I don't owe anything
I don't owe anyone
Shoot pride for all its worth
I don't belong

In a situation now
That I could not repair
I assert myself to sleep
Show others that I've cared
How cold is this poor life
Lay ashes at my grave

If it takes me away from you
A subtle gesture

I don't know anyone (Cherish my Religion)
I don't know anyone (Faith is only Fiction)
I don't know anyone (Cherish my Religion)
I don't know anyone (Faith is only Fiction)

This is erased, I promise, not a trace
This is erased, I promise, not a trace, no delay
Paradise Lost are a gothic metal band formed in 1988 in Halifax, England.

Along with countrymates Anathema and My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost are credited with creating the subgenre known as Death/Doom. Their first three full-length albums (although the latter two incorporated some melodic and gothic elements) are considered prime examples of this style.[weasel words] However, with the release of the seminal albums Icon (1993) and Draconian Times (1995), Paradise Lost also became known as pioneers of the Gothic metal subgenre. In accordance with the change in musical approach, vocalist Nick Holmes changed his singing style. He used a death grunt on the band's first three albums, but on Icon refined his voice to have a cleaner tone. Later (circa 1997), the band began experimenting with electronic styles but after four albums reverted again to Gothic metal.

They have been more popular in mainland Europe than in their own country; particularly in Greece and Germany they are regarded as mainstream rock stars. Their line-up has remained remarkably stable for such a long-standing heavy metal band, consisting of singer Nick Holmes, guitarists Greg Mackintosh and Aaron Aedy, and bassist Steve Edmondson. Holmes and Mackintosh are the principal composers, with almost all of the band's songs credited to them. During the years, the band has only changed drummers, with original member Matthew Archer replaced in 1994 by ex-Marshall Law drummer Lee Morris In March 2004, Morris also left the band; Jeff Singer took Morris' place and has played on all subsequent releases, though he was not listed as a permanent band member until the release of the single "The Enemy" in 2007. In a recent video interview, Mackintosh and Holmes revealed that Singer had already auditioned for the band when Archer left, but they chose Morris instead because "[Singer] had a pink drumkit"

Symbol of Life is the ninth studio album recorded by British band Paradise Lost. It marks a departure by the band from their synth-based approach, to a much grittier, heavier sound, although not abandoning the keyboards altogether.

Track listing

1. "Isolate" 3:43
2. "Erased" 3:31
3. "Two Worlds" 3:29
4. "Pray Nightfall" 4:11
5. "Primal" 4:23
6. "Perfect Mask" 3:46
7. "Mystify" 3:49
8. "No Celebration" 3:45
9. "Self Obsessed" 3:07
10. "Symbol of Life" 3:55
11. "Channel for the Pain" 3:53
12. "Xavier" (Dead Can Dance cover) 6:04
13. "Small Town Boy" (Bronski Beat cover) 5:20

Tracks 12 & 13 are a bonus to CD Limited Edition


* Composed By: Gregor Mackintosh
* Lyrics By: Nick Holmes
* Producer: Rhys Fulber
* Published by: Zomba Music Publishers Ltd.
* Keyboards and Programming By: Gregor Mackintosh and Rhys Fulber
* Recorded and Mixed by: Greg Reely
* Additional Keyboards by: Jamie Muhoberac (tracks 1, 2, 4, 11)
* Strings Arrangements and Piano: Chris Elliott (tracks 8, 10)
* Additional Vocals: Lee Dorian (track 2) courtesy of Dreamcatcher Records, Joanna Stevens (tracks 2, 5, 7) and Devin Townsend (tracks 3, 13) courtesy of Century Media Records.
* Assistant Engineers: Ewan Davies and Will Bartle (Chapel Studios) and Bart (Dreamcatcher Studios)
* Recorded at: Chapel Studios, Lincolnshire, during June-July 2002 and Dreamcatcher Recording Studios, Bradford, 2002
* Additional Recording by: Carmen Rizzo at Studio 775, Los Angeles
* Mixed at: The Green Jacket, Richmond, BC, Canada
* Additional Digital Editing by: Chris Potter
* Mastered by: Kai Blankenberg at Skyline Studios, Düsseldorf, Germany.
* Artwork By: [Sleeve Design] - Dirk Rudolph
* Photography [Band, Screens]: Olaf Heine
* Photography [Front]: Nick Veasey
* "Small Town Boy" is a cover of the Bronski Beat song and 'Xavier' a cover of the Dead Can Dance song.

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