Nu:Tone feat Natalie Williams: System - не только у нас но и у нас тоже.

System от самого Nu:Tone feat Natalie Williams. скачать текст песни natalie williams system. А ещё в комплекте Nu:Tone - System feat Natalie Williams - Matrix & Futurebound Remix.

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Певец: Nu:Tone feat Natalie Williams

Название песни: System

Сколько слушать?: 04:53

А когда добавили?: 2014-10-06



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I can hardly breathe at the thought of you&8232;Just your presence gets me so confused&8232;It must be that you’ve done more than u think to me&8232;Yet I have to act like I’m ok, I’m not ok&8232;It goes much deeper than your day to day crush from back in schooldays&8232;It goes much deeper than most songs I hear with this sentiment&8232;It’s more than that, cuz you’re in my system&8232;There’s nothing I can do there’s nothing I can say&8232;&8232;You're in my system baby&8232;deep in my system&8232;you got me going crazy inside my system&8232;You're in my system baby&8232;Deep in my system&8232;You got my soul and body&8232;You're in my system&8232;&8232;I can hardly talk sometimes when we sit face to face&8232;And there are times when I don’t need to say a word, cuz I know you know&8232;There are times when you just overanalyze me&8232;But you know I don’t really care, cuz I really care&8232;&8232;From my head to my skin to my arms all my limbs they can sense it…&8232;From my heart thru my chest and my lungs down my waist I can feel it&8232;From my spine to my hips and my knees to my toes they be shaking…&8232;But my mind and my brain, how they drive me insane cuz you’re right in there taking over my system

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Nu:Tone - System feat Natalie Williams - Matrix & Futurebound Remix
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iTunes - ;at=11l9mP

2007 saw Nu:Tone deliver to the world this absolutely stunning collaboration with vocalist Natalie Williams. Shortly afterwards Matrix & Futurebound delivered this stunning remix.

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