NBGI: SPARKING Tekken 5 Main theme - не только у нас но и у нас тоже.

SPARKING Tekken 5 Main theme от самого NBGI. текст песни sparking. А ещё в комплекте Tekken 5 Opening Sparking.

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Певец: NBGI

Название песни: SPARKING Tekken 5 Main theme

Сколько слушать?: 01:51

А когда добавили?: 2014-09-17



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I'm here now
I'm doing the best I can
Where are you now?
Did your dreams come true?
Here we go

Get out, Get out
Get out

What does the word "peace" mean?
There should only be a smiling face?
Answer me, reticent God
But the sun rises again
When will that time return?
Swear you won't give up

Break out
Everything day by day
Freak out
Anything step by step
Live the Sin and Let me know Live the Sin
Break down
Make my story
Get down
They are called history
My Heartbeat gonna be faster
Shout, Shout, Shout, Shout Soul

Destiny or deadly
I don't care which on'es walking this way
They're nothing together
What if I go back to zero?

Get power of infinity
All meen together make one man at the time of an important decision
Please do not lose your vision
You're the one. Show me only your dance in earnest
Even if wrapped in darkness
Light is beyond the horizon

Believe your own energy
Get by my hands
Now, Open your wing
You can do it
Get up, Get up, Get up, Get up, Get up
Take it to the top of the world

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