In Flames: Episode 666 1996 - не только у нас но и у нас тоже.

Episode 666 1996 от самого In Flames. 666 mp3 1996 скачать бесплатно без регистрации. А ещё в комплекте In Flames - Episode 666 Rare Pre-Whoracle version 1996.

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Певец: In Flames

Название песни: Episode 666 (1996)

Сколько слушать?: 19:30

А когда добавили?: 2014-11-13



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This is a last one
Welcome here, the squirrel-wheel begins
Fasten the left hand belts
Remember not to think too much
And your trip will be numbingly pleasant
No one knows

Non-caring is the easiest way
But to secure a passage to the 2nd plane
You have to complete level one
Their dead-smile lips turn on their TV
While urban gravestones scrape the skies
Rising over marionette cities and marionette skies
No one cares

This is episode 666
Soup of a series of chaos
Each and all an actor blind

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In Flames - Episode 666 (Rare Pre-Whoracle version) 1996
This is a very rare version of Episode 666 released on the "Death is just the beginning... vol. 4" compilation in 1996, before the official release of the album "Whoracle" in 1997!

This version is faster and more aggressive than the official version include in the album.

In my opinion and according to the sound, it seems that this version was recorded during the Jester Race album session... Not sure...


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