Enigmarelax: Amin - не только у нас но и у нас тоже.

Amin от самого Enigmarelax. enigma amin. А ещё в комплекте 3 HOURS Deep Meditation | OM Mantra | Relaxing - Yoga Background - Stress Relief.

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Певец: Enigma(relax)

Название песни: Amin

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А когда добавили?: 2016-01-21



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И пойдем мы в мир
Во имя Христа, Аминь.

Мы найдем верующих в сонме ангелов и младенцев.

Поднимите, врата, верхи ваши,
И поднимитесь, двери вечности,
И войдет Царь славы!
Кто этот Царь славы?

Сад, скажи мне…
Сад, дай мне…

И пойдем мы в мир
Во имя Христа, Аминь.

Сад, ответь мне,
Что ты собираешься искать?
Правильность неправильного?
Достоинство порока?
Сад, скажи мне,
Почему Евангелие – плохо?
Во что ты веруешь?
И где верные тебе?
Если ты против Бога,
Ты против Человека.
Ты Бог или Дьявол?

Сад, скажи мне… Осанна
Сад, дай мне… Осанна
Сад, скажи мне… Осанна
Сад, дай мне… Осанна

И пойдем мы в мир
Во имя Христа, Аминь.


3 HOURS Deep Meditation | OM Mantra | Relaxing - Yoga Background - Stress Relief
Deep Meditation with OM (AUM) Mantra.
The subtle sound is always there: A vibration exists, underneath all of the grosser aspects of being, like a substratum. The subtle sound of OM Mantra is constantly there, and when heard in deep yoga meditation, sounds like a continuous vibration, ever sounding out mmmmmmm.... At a deeper level, it is extremely loud and serene.

Emerging from OM: The reality symbolized by OM Mantra is the ground vibration out of which all other vibrations, sounds and mantras emerge.

Receding into OM: That vibration represented by OM Mantra is the substratum into which all those vibrations, sounds, and mantras recede when followed back to their source.

Similar words: Some say that this everlasting, all pervasive vibration of OM Mantra is also the source and intent of Amen, Amin, and Shalom. Some say that this sound is the Word of God.

Silence from which OM emerges: Eventually, this leads to a deep stillness and silence, which paradoxically, is experienced as the silence from which the sound of OM itself emerged. In the sections below, the silence is described as being the fourth state, beyond the three sounds of A, U, and M, which are contained in OM Mantra. However, in this practice, as you internally repeat the sound of OM, imagine that underlying vibration of the universe, as if it were coming from all places, and through all things.

Listen to the vibration while remembering OM: There is a sound that can relatively easily be heard in your ears that is more surface level, coming from the brain. Some people experience this as a buzzing or ringing sound. By listening closely, the mmmmmmm... sound can be heard, like the end of the OM mantra (Or you might hear it as eeeeeeeee....) Listening to this vibration, with the awareness of OM is a good way to start with the vibration aspect of OM. Gradually, it will expand to deeper sound of the mantra. Listening in this way can be particularly enjoyable and insightful when recalling some of the other meanings of OM Mantra at the same time.

Allowing thoughts to come and go: While listening, it is best to gently allow other thought patterns to come into the field of attention, and then allow those thoughts to drift away. There is not really any intent of doing anything with these thoughts, either engaging them or pushing them away. In other words, the listening for OM is not used to suppress thoughts and emotions. Rather, attention is allowed to expand, but at the same time, non-attachment is learned by staying with the vibration, and letting go of the thought patterns. This is one way to gain access to the ability to be a neutral witness of the stream of thoughts in the mind, as is sometime described as being like watching leaves, sticks, and logs floating by in a river. .


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