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Название песни: Vobla

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А когда добавили?: 2014-11-14



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Vo blya…
Vo blya…
Vobla - not so far was alive and pretty milter,
Vo blya! And now lies on rag in public - house,
Vobla - not so far was prudent, happy milter,
Vo blya! To slip away and slime was her shelter.
Vobla - had dream to be the golden happy milter,
Vo blya! All life he trying to stay in dark,
Vobla - but time come for foolish dreamer,
Vo blya! Become the dish in corrupt pub.

Life for her was not so easy,
Live for food and eat for fat,
And in dreams be strong and healthy,
And in dreams become athlete.
Foolish fish,
Dead fish.
Foolish fish.
Foolish fish,
Dead fish.
Foolish fish.

Vo blya…
Vo blya…
Vobla - at once she heard from boiled crab in pub,
Vo blya! He know how many beans make five,
Vobla - if you made up your mind to stay alive,
Vo blya! It would be better to save your life.
Vobla - the life for us is like one bigger pond,
Vo blya! You see so many foolish lunks on earth,
Vobla - and all your life you try to live in peace,
Vo blya! And soon you’ll see the back of life.

Live in dream between two bottles,
And to die a violent dearth,
And regret that someone fuck you,
Only once and no more can.
Foolish fish,
Dead fish.
Foolish fish.
Foolish fish,
Dead fish.
Foolish fish.


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