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Певец: Breaking Benjamin

Название песни: Shallow Bay

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come on
the sun will rise
another time
the colors blind
your virgin eyes
I'm so inclined
to make you mine
you're out of line
and out of time
and I float upon a shallow bay
lift me up until the ground gives way
I'm a California castaway
I don't think you wanna fuck with me
Don't over kill
This painless thrill
It's bitter still
Your pretty pill
You wait until
You've had your fill
I know you will
I know you will
A shallow bay
A shallow bay
chorus x 2
You live, you learn
You live, you learn
You live, you learn
You live

Do you know that I could never leave you?
And you know I could never beat you?
And if I, if I could never find you nevermind, I would not
forget you.
Can I stay alive forever?
Can I stay alive forever?
Can I stay alive forever?
Forever. Can I feel a chemical reaction?
Because I feel a hideous attraction
Could we share a poison apple?
Could it be maniacle and awful?
Can I stay alive forever?
Can I stay alive forever?
Can I stay alive forever?
forever. forever.
stay alive forever
stay alive forever
stay alive forever
stay alive forever
stay alive forever
stay alive forever


Shallow Bay The Best Of Breaking Benjamin Full Album
Shallow Bay The Best Of Breaking Benjamin Full Album


Disc 1

01- Breaking Benjamin - Polyamorous 00:00
02- Breaking Benjamin - Skin 02:57
03- Breaking Benjamin - Medicate 6:17
04- Breaking Benjamin - So Cold 10:03
05- Breaking Benjamin - Sooner Or Later 14:36
06- Breaking Benjamin - Rain 18:16
07- Breaking Benjamin - The Diary Of Jane 21:41
08- Breaking Benjamin - Breath 25:02
09- Breaking Benjamin - Until The End 28:40
10- Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow 32:53
11- Breaking Benjamin - Lights Out 36:30
12- Breaking Benjamin - Give Me A Sign 40:04
13- Breaking Benjamin - Blow Me Away (Feat. Valora) 44:21

Disc 2

01- Breaking Benjamin - Ordinary Man 47:33
02- Breaking Benjamin - Water (Remastered EP Version) 51:04
03- Breaking Benjamin - Who Wants To Live Forever 55:08
04- Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow (Acoustic Strings Mix) 58:21
05- Breaking Benjamin - Better Days 01:02:29
06- Breaking Benjamin - Polyamorous (Acoustic) 01:05:54
07- Breaking Benjamin - Lie To Me 01:09:00
08- Breaking Benjamin - Lady Bug 01:13:07
09- Breaking Benjamin - Enjoy The Silence 01:16:13
10- Breaking Benjamin - Until The End (Live Acoustic) 01:19:42
11- Breaking Benjamin - Breath (Live Acoustic) 01:24:24

In the summer of 2010, Breaking Benjamin announced an indefinite hiatus, due to Burnley's recurring illnesses. Guitarist Fink and bassist Klepaski rejoined their old band, Lifer, and Szeliga toured with his other band, OurAfter.
On June 7, 2011, a remixed version of "Blow Me Away", featuring Valora, was released.[17] An animated music video for the remix was released on August 24.[18]
On June 30, 2011, Rock Access posted the tracklist for the band's greatest hits album, Shallow Bay: The Best of Breaking Benjamin, and for its "deluxe edition".[19] It was released on August 16, as a one-disc "standard edition" and a two-disc "deluxe edition" (featuring b-sides and rarities).[20] Burnley publicly opposed the album's release, saying content had been altered and released without his consent, and that it did not meet his standards.[21]
In May 2011, Burnley fired bandmates Fink and Klepaski. Shortly after, a dispute over the new version of "Blow Me Away" went public. Burnley gave his side of the dispute in a June court filing, saying Fink and Klepaski made unilateral and unauthorized decisions on behalf of the band, such as giving permission in May for the remixing of "Blow Me Away".[22] Burnley seeks at least $250,000 and the exclusive right to the "Breaking Benjamin" name.[23][24] Burnley plans on reviving the band when the lawsuit is settled.[25]

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